【Article】JUSTIN DAVIS, General of GREEN ARMY motorsports wins BAJA500


Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico – June 2, 2019 – SCORE International provide the platform for thrilling racing at the 51st BAJA500 setting their state at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Ensenada.  With the stands full at the Estero Beach stadium start/finish, the 487 mile course provided wheel-to-wheel excitement at the start and dramatic runs to the finish with none better than from Justin Davis #185 and veteran champion co-driver Larry Job to snare another win in Class-1 using the racer bred Mark Ma Dakar Rally 37X1350R17 from TRI-ACE Tires.

Prior to this race, Mark Ma the polymer chemistry genius behind the winning Off Road tires revealed his latest proprietary efforts had now produce the “2nd generation of explosion proof technology” acronymed “SRFT”.  TRI-ACE officials at the race, Jack Bidding and Lucien Hu made sure that all TRI-ACE racer cars were identified with Mark Ma Off Road SRFT Equipped logo decals to kick of this mysterious technology effort to give racers another competitive edge.

Locked and loaded with the new weaponry at foot, Justin Davis did the rest as he leapfrogged his Jimco-Chevy single seater through what most all racers described as a very difficult and highly technical race course that featured the desert demands from shale to silt.  Having sprung a power steering leak about mile 187 and then losing his tranny, Justin powered his way with only 3rd gear making the “no roads, no problem” tag line come to life while finishing 8th Overall passing many top Trophy Trucks and finishing 35 minutes ahead of the closest Class-1 pursuer.  Larry Job who started said after the race, “it was like no other race, ever!”

The win for Justin who won SNORE’s Battle at Primm earlier this year, propels him into the lead for the $5,000 TRI-ACE SCORE Season Championship which won by his brother Jeremy in SCORE Lites last year.  Jeremy competing in Class-10 this year had a serious crash with about sixty miles to go in the BAJA500 and was not able to finish escaping with minor injuries.  Rafael Aguirre piloting the successful Chuckys Racing from Monterrey, Mexico in Class-10 finished sixth while Pat Sims and Joe Delucie both completed the grueling race course in Trophy Truck Spec class.  ABC will have delayed telecast of the race in it’s feature, “World of X Games”.




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