Predator M/T

1.Three-ply polyester carcass, 2-ply seamless polyester caps + 2-ply high-tensile steel belts, high turn-up, and optimized bead construction: provide excellent impact resistance, handling and durability.  

2.Specific transverse tread block pitch with notches: enhances grip and traction in muddy, sandy, snowy off-road conditions, and delivers excellent on-road performance.

3.Open & jagged shoulder blocks with deep grooves, and protruding sidewall blocks: improve traction in muddy, sandy, snowy road conditions.

4.Wide & open “L” grooves with ejectors: eject mud and snow more easily, and greatly strengthen twist force to improve handling.

5.Deep sipes in shoulder blocks: improve grip on wet surface.

6.Reinforced sidewall with over-the-shoulder tread blocks on 50% area of sidewall: provides more traction in deep mud or snow, protects tires from impact and offers aggressive look like armors.

7.Protruding fragment circumferentially spreading on sidewall: provides super self-cleaning ability, and reduces noise for better drive comfort.

8.Dual sidewall designs: allow for customization with two unique looks.

  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 20 ”
  • Will be available in 2020 second quarter ”
  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 24 ”

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