All Terrain

1. Bionic sidewall and open tread design: lifelike tiger sidewall tread design, the tire let overbearing. Independent open blocks, so that both tires in the mud, sand, snow and road pavement remained stable and quiet.

2. The center of "m" and "z" shaped tread design: the appearance of the tires is a clean aesthetic, effectively reducing the structure of the tire tread hardness, improving tire tread grip of the tire in the yearly quarter, implementing excellent traction.

3. Circumferential stepped deep groove design: the tire rolling process effectively eliminates the sediment, gravel, breaking the ice, so that tires on all roads are more durable.

4. Fetal shoulder large lateral groove design: While the vehicle crosses an obstacle in the dirt, or pit, it can easily grasp the ground, get out of a pit, and climb obstacles.

5. Simple and neat serrated knife groove design: While on snowy and icy roads, snow and ice act like a knife rupture ease, to form an effective grip.

6. Shoulder grooves small earth station links: Greatly enhance the strength of the shoulder, also strengthening the tire sidewall stiffness.

7. All-weather tread compound design: Provides a powerful tread tear resistance, while in the snowy weather has good grip, so the tires "all-terrain" has become a veritable name.

8.1 2 pitch for low-noise tread design: The middle of the pitch to the shoulder of the tire tread of Formula One pair of 2, to avoid the tire tread blocking noise resonance striking the ground, the pitch arrangement allows simultaneous use of reasonable tires on a paved road with noise greatly reduced.

9. The structure of tire material: Seamless bead wire ring is wrapped JLB ensuring that the tire and rim are in close contact to ensure vehicles traveling at high speed are safe and comfortable in the mud and snow pavement.

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