Rugged Terrain

1.Asymmetrical Tread Pattern Design: It well delivers to evenly contact between the tread and the ground when handling curves and hard turns, provides you exceptional driving experience.

2.Engineering design of wide and narrow grooves combination:The narrow grooves increase tire grip on pavements while the wide grooves provide excellent traction in extreme terrain.

3.Combination of trapezoid and triangle blocks:It improves the strength of blocks to avoid lugs biting and hydroplaning.

4.High-strength steel belt and carcass material: As a professional on/off-road tire supplier, we only use the high-strength and world class material to secure the tire quality as well as its performance.

5.Dedicated compound:Professional on/off-road application compound contributes excellent performance of puncture resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance, safe and secured.

6.Dual sidewall designs:Each Rugged Terrain provides two sidewall designs so you have one more choice for your tires look. The functional sidewall pattern not only protects the carcass from possible injuries but also provides additional grip in deep mud and rocky terrain.

7.Untraditional Tread Pattern Design:This latest new pattern design makes your vehicle more fascinating.

  • 15 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”

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