• Team – WFO Racing

    Driver – Pat Sims

    [Team Information]

    Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico – June 3, 2018 – SCORE International provide the platform for thrilling racing at the 50th Baja500, WFO Racing & Pat Sims with TRI-ACE Tires took 3rd place at Trophy Truck Spec Class.

    WFO Racing & Pat Sims with TRI-ACE Tires finished all racing courses of SCORE International in 2019 and took the 2019 Score Milestone Award.

  • Team - Gaunt Motorsports

    Driver - Rickie&Mavrick&Chasen

    [COMMENT] - Being with Tri Ace off road since the beginning, Gaunt Motorsports is proud to have been able to help Tri Ace design the Dakar Rally off road tire. Rickie Gaunt's direct input has helped develop the best tire an off road racer can dream of. Mavrick and Chasen are both very impressed with the cornering ability of the tires. Starting out racing in circle track, they know how important cornering can be. The Dakar Rally tire gives them the ability to drive into a corner, and have the confidence to quickly navigate the corner. Additionally, the strength of the sidewall gives them the confidence they need to be able to drive over the roughest the terrain the desert can throw at them. Gaunt Motorsports is proud to represent Tri Ace tires and is looking forward to many more races on Tri Ace tires to come!

    [DRIVER INFORMATION] - Mavrick and Chasen Gaunt began their racing careers in circle track, in Ford Focus Midgets at the ages of 14 and 12. Their dad, Rickie Gaunt, was a sprint car champion and got them involved in racing. The Gaunt’s were introduced into off road racing in 2008 when family friend Tony Smiley began racing a class one car. Since the first race in the desert, the Gaunt’s were hooked. From 2008-2011, Rickie split driving duties with Tony in his class one car. In 2011, Mavrick and Chasen would make their desert racing debuts in a stock full, class 8100 race truck. Mavrick and Chasen would later upgrade into a class 1450 ranger. Mavrick and Chasen would gain further experience in the desert by co-driving for Smiley Motorsports in class 6100 and Trophy Truck. Mavrick and Chasen also teamed up with J-Buck Motorsports in their Class 12 and 10 car. Mavrick and Chasen have raced from Reno all the way down to La Paz in Baja. They currently have joined the elite ranks of class 6100, and get better with each race they partake. Rickie is still right by their side the entire way as their crew chief, with mom Denice as the team manager. Highlights of their career include winning Vegas to Reno in their ranger, The Mint 400 with J-Buck Motorsports, and a class 6100 championship with Smiley Motorsports 




    2nd Parker 425 class 8100

    1st Vegas to Reno class 1800 


    2nd Mint 400 class 1800

    3rd Rage at the River class 1450 


    1st Mint 400 class 12

    1st Vegas to Reno class 6100

    1st Henderson 250 class 6100

    BITD Class 6100 champions 


    2nd Parker 425n class 6100

    1st Laughlin Desert Classic class 6100

    1st Pahrump 250 class 6100 


    2nd Vegas to Reno class 6100

    BITD Class 6100 champions

  • Team - Green Army

    Driver - Justin Davis

    [DRIVER INFORMATION] - Justin began racing at the young age of 14 in his 1600 car in the SNORE and MORE series. Justin has participated in all forms of off-road racing since he got started in these grass-roots racing organizations. Justin has spent many hours clicking off miles to gain valuable experience in the 1600, Class 12, Unlimited Class 1, and now the two current vehicles the Class 10 car and the Trophy Truck.



    ·2nd place at the Mint 400 at the age of 14 respectively

    ·Being the youngest to win the Baja 1000 back to back, first in the SCORE Lite with Daniel Folts and soloing it the following year in the Unlimited Class 1. Both these lead to Championships in SCORE.

    ·True Grit Award for both Unlimited Class 1 and Score Lite

    ·2011 received Dirt Sports Rookie of the Year and was also nominated for Driver of the Year.

    ·Overall winner at the HDRA King Shocks 250 in the Jimco Trophy Truck

    ·Overall winner in 2013 & 2014 Battle at Primm in Trophy Truck

    ·Overall  winner in 2014 at SCORE International Imperial Valley Class 10

    ·Class 1 Unlimited winner and  4th Overall SCORE International Baja 1000 winner

    ·Class 10 Best In the Desert Vegas to Reno winner 2015

    ·MORE Lucerne 250 Class 10 winner Second overall 2016

    ·SNORE Midnight Special Class 10 winner and second overall 2016

    ·Soloing Class 10 SCORE International  Baja 1000 Winner 2016

    ·2016 SNORE Class 10 Championship

    ·Class 10 SNORE Battle at Primm Winner and Second overall 2017

    ·2017 SNORE Class 10 Championship

    ·2017 SNORE Driver of the Year

    ·2018 MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert Overall/ Class 1 Winner

  • 205# Truck

    Driver - Joe Delucie

    [COMMENT] - Just amazed on how well the new #Triace Dakar Rally 39 inch tires performed.We had Zero flats in the 1143 miles and only changed rears once in San Ignacio.(rm608)Not that we even needed too..the 325 miles with me behind the wheel.And if you know me you know I'm not easy on tires. Looks like the R&D we've been doing with Tri-Ace tire USA has done the finished product well.#baja#50thanniversy #b1k #baja1000 —with Dennis Blasko and 7 others.

  • Team - Winter Motorsports

    Driver - Hank Winter

    [COMMENT] - We like the stiffer sidewall and the harder compound of the 35 x 10.50 tire. These aspects create less flex and improves cornering due to allowing more of the tire patch to be on the ground.  Allowing this improves the traction also.  Another detail we really like is the overall harder compound of the tire. This harder compound decreases tire wear and reduces having to change tires as often during long races and also decreases the chances of getting flat tires. These tires are the best tires going for Class 10!!!


    Start Date:  2010


    ·2012 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) champion

    ·2013 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) champion

    ·2010 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Parker 425 3rd place

    ·2011 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Parker 425 1st place

    ·2012 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Vegas to Reno 1st place

    ·2012 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Blue Water Desert Challenge 2nd place

    ·2012 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Henderson 250 1st place

    ·2014 Best in the Desert Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Mint 400 1st place  (Drove with another team this year)

    ·2014 SNORE Class 1/2-1600 Gold Strike 250 3rd place                      

    ·2015 Class 2000 (1/2-1600) Mint 400 1st place

    ·2015 SNORE Class 1/2-1600 Race Fuel 250 3rd place

    ·2016 Best in the Desert Class 6100 Champions (Drove with Smiley Motorsports along with racing our Class 10 also this year)

  • Team - Dust Brothers Motorsports

    Driver - Hondo Jimenez

    [COMMENT] - They are extremely thankful for their relationship with Tri-Ace Tires.  They have been very impressed with the performance and longevity of the Tri-Ace Tires through all the rugged terrain that the desert offers.  

    [TEAM INFORMATION] - Dust Brothers Motorsports was started in 1999 by two brothers from Buckeye, Arizona.  Alejandro “Hondo” Jimenez and Eduardo “Bubba” Jimenez grew up playing in the desert and going to desert races.  The inspiration for their team name came from growing up and playing in the Arizona desert.  The duo races off-road buggies, and their race number is 1050.  The first car they owned was a class 12 car.  They started their racing career in the Whiplash series after a few championships they then switched to another class and built their own class 10 car, which they raced in the Best in the Desert series beginning in 2006.  They received 2nd place in the Best in the Desert Class 10 Championship for the 2007 season.  While taking a few years off, they teamed up with Smiley Motorsports to help them race their class 10 cars and 6100 trucks.  Then Richard Huizinga of Twisted Alloy in Buckeye built their current class 10 car in 2016, and they race it in the Best in the Desert series in addition to the Southern Arizona Desert Racing (SADR) series.  They owe their success to their amazing family and friends who support them and participate in their races.  In addition, they value the support they’ve received from fellow racers Smiley Motorsports and Gaunt Motorsports.

  • Team - Tcb Motorsports

    Driver - Luis & Christopher

    [COMMENT] 2016 was the first year we ran tri-ace and  Ran 5 tires on the car throughout  the TORRA race series that year, came 2017 we were at the san felipe 250 and we could not be more impressed with the dakar rally and how it held up throughout the roughest known race in baja, (these were the same tires from 2016). Truly an amazing tire that we run and we anticipate you run it as well. 


    Luis Saenz, 55

    Christopher L Saenz, 20

    Its only Luis’s son Christopher and Luis himself that drive the cars,

    - Jimco class 1600


     state champion in chihuahua Mexico


    -1st and 2nd place Texas desert racing association 


    -completed the CODE race series in Baja California 

    -Raced SCORE san felipe 250 and baja 1000 

    ~2015 SADR 2nd place 1600  

    -Class 7200

    -2016 class win at TORRA Vaquero 400

    - 1st place win in juarez Mx 

    -Desert Dynamics class 10

    ~2016 2nd place over all at TORRA Mescalero 160 

    -Tatum class 1 


    -3rd place overall at TORRA butterfield stage 300

    -2nd place overall at TORRA Buffalo Soldier 200

    -1st place overall at SADR sand storm 250

    ~2017 first place overall at TORRA Tres amigos 180

    -6th place class 1 at the SCORE SAN FELIPE 250

    -8th place at the score international Baja 1000 

    ~2017 Score- 6th place in class 1 points.

 BLACK BEAR Tires have been distributed internationally for many years, and is recognized by lots of professional rally participants in North America and Europe.
 The tire name coined from the black bears that exist all over the world in the most rugged mountain conditions requiring dexterity, great strength and adaptability. And, the American black bear known for their wide distribution all over the continent provides the foundation for the evolution of Black Bear Tire customers. Designed in the U.S, utilizing the same upscale state-of-the art technology and refined manufacturing that defines all the company product lines, Black Bear Tire customers will have their choice of Rugged Terrain, All Terrain and Mud Terrain designs with the most comprehensive selection of current and new sizes in the tire industry. From custom built lifted trucks to extreme off-the-road; from urban highways to the farme…
Read more
  • Rugged Terrain+

    Great off-road traction plus great highway performance.

    Dual-compound tread provide exceptional Mileage and long tread life.

    Stalactite sidewall design provides additional grip in deep and rocky terrain.

    Diamond shape sidewall design provides attractive visual impact.

    1.Asymmetric tread design provides extra controlling for on/off-road driving.

    2.Intrepid Shoulder Design: Creative design of shoulder lugs embossing and make the tire more aggressive.

    3.Special Groove Design: Engineering design of wide and narrow grooves combination delivers a comfortable.

    4.Dedicated compound. Professional on/off-road application compound contributes excellent performance of puncture resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance, safe and secured.


    Black Bear All Terrain II is perfect for all the terrains all the time all the weather.

    1.Reasonable hardness of tread reduces driving noise on the roads.

    2.”S” and “C” blocks provide great traction on dry and wet roads, and good comfort at high speed.

    3.One more plying in tread than other brands improve the anti-puncture and handling.

    4.Zigzag blocks on the shoulders provide more traction off the roads.

  • Baja Rally

    1.Enhance Tire Sidewall Design:The enhanced side wall pattern can bear the additional impact resistance.

    2.Special Tread Pattern Design:It ensures that there is a larger contact area when driving on uneven roads and the tires have a strong grip.

    3.Carcass Enhance Design:The double-layer seamless crown with buffer layer to ensure the strength of the tire. Two layers of high-strength ST belt steel wire greatly improve the impact resistance of tires and the high-speed driving ability.


    1.Rated with the 3-peak mountain snowflake for winter driving conditions, the deep sipes and large lateral grooves provide biting edges as well as water and snow/slush evacuation.Improved 30%~ 40% than the normal AT tires on snow and ice roads. Improved 50%-60% by sepcial durable compound in freezing temperature.

    2.The carcass is made of the same level of skeleton materials as professional mud tires, which enhanced the overall strength of the tire.

    3.Improved tread block rigidity reduces flex for better dry performance and a more confident ride on-road.


    The bionic all-weather impact-resistant patterns optimized by computers is designed to resist strong impact and can clean itself and remove silts and sand from tires.

    1.Huge Block Pattern Design:The improved design of small ditch bottom of shoulder blocks to further strengthen the grip of the tire shoulder.

    2.Thicken Sidewall Design:Armor-type traction sidewall pattern design, tear resistance design of the sidewall, ultra-high thickness sidewall design, max up to 10mm,armor-type sidewall.

    3.Tread Center with Large Block:Cooperate with non-penetrating incision design to prevent slipping, enhance traction, small-angle horizontal pattern design to enhance grip, and L-shaped penetrating pattern design to strengthen torsion and traction.

    4.Dual Sidewall Design:The asymmetric design is adopted to further strengthen the sidewall sand discharge and resist impact tearing. The slightly convex small fragments are distributed on the sidewall of the fetus, discharging sand, self-cleaning and reducing the wind noise at the same time.


    Black Bear All Terrain Ill is perfect for all theterrains all the time all the weather.

    1.The geared type tread block design provides a more even force between the blocks and reduces noise when the tyre is running.

    2.The combination of even and odd blocks with different shapes in the centre disrupts the frequency of resonance generating noise,reduces air column resonance and provides noise suppression.

    3.The hook pattern block enhances the grip of the tread pattern;The longitudinal arch pattern block provides more stable driving performance on high speed roads.

    4.The design of small grooves in the large tread blocks on the shoulder increases the shape of the tread pattern adjacent tread patterns to lower noise.

  • Mud Terrain

    1.The internal structure possesses reinforcing material: frame made of high strength steel belt +3 layer polyester carcass materials to improve high-speed stability and durability, while maintaining high impact resistance strength.

    2.Rough aggressive style pattern design: horizontal 4 chunks of tread design, greatly improving tire grip on bad roads, development-shoulder block, wide lateral, and pit slopes provide strong traction for climbing.

    3.Studded shoulder tread design: Let the tires successfully break the ice in the harsh winter weather and climb mountains with ease.

    4.Ultra-thick sidewall tread design: Shoulder tread extended to the sidewall is designed to ensure the tire side impact forces providing strong traction while climbing slopes.

    5.A small ditch shoulder rib design: Further improves tire safety, ensures tire from punctures at the bottom of the tread.

    6.Tiny steel Design: Tire wet skid resistance improves braking performance, strengthening the grip tread.

    7.A special formulation: high wear-resistant tread compound formulates low heat, high tire side rigidity formulation improves impact resistance, ensuring driving safety.

    8.Sidewall design rim protection boss: Lets the rim and the tire remain close, while avoiding the side of the rim to be hit.

  • Rugged Terrain

    Great off-road traction plus great highway performance.

    Dual-compound tread provide exceptional Mileage and long tread life.

    Stalactite sidewall design provides additional grip in deep and rocky terrain.

    Diamond shape sidewall design provides attractive visual impact.

    1.Asymmetric tread design provides extra controlling for on/off-road driving.

    2.Intrepid Shoulder Design: Creative design of shoulder lugs embossing and make the tire more aggressive.

    3.Special Groove Design: Engineering design of wide and narrow grooves combination delivers a comfortable.

    4.Dedicated compound. Professional on/off-road application compound contributes excellent performance of puncture resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance, safe and secured.

  • All Terrain

    1. Bionic sidewall and open tread design: lifelike tiger sidewall tread design, the tire let overbearing. Independent open blocks, so that both tires in the mud, sand, snow and road pavement remained stable and quiet.

    2. The center of "m" and "z" shaped tread design: the appearance of the tires is a clean aesthetic, effectively reducing the structure of the tire tread hardness, improving tire tread grip of the tire in the yearly quarter, implementing excellent traction.

    3. Circumferential stepped deep groove design: the tire rolling process effectively eliminates the sediment, gravel, breaking the ice, so that tires on all roads are more durable.

    4. Fetal shoulder large lateral groove design: While the vehicle crosses an obstacle in the dirt, or pit, it can easily grasp the ground, get out of a pit, and climb obstacles.

    5. Simple and neat serrated knife groove design: While on snowy and icy roads, snow and ice act like a knife rupture ease, to form an effective grip.

    6. Shoulder grooves small earth station links: Greatly enhance the strength of the shoulder, also strengthening the tire sidewall stiffness.

    7. All-weather tread compound design: Provides a powerful tread tear resistance, while in the snowy weather has good grip, so the tires "all-terrain" has become a veritable name.

    8.1 2 pitch for low-noise tread design: The middle of the pitch to the shoulder of the tire tread of Formula One pair of 2, to avoid the tire tread blocking noise resonance striking the ground, the pitch arrangement allows simultaneous use of reasonable tires on a paved road with noise greatly reduced.

    9. The structure of tire material: Seamless bead wire ring is wrapped JLB ensuring that the tire and rim are in close contact to ensure vehicles traveling at high speed are safe and comfortable in the mud and snow pavement.

  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 15 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 19 ”
  • 21 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 14 ”
  • 15 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 19 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 15 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 24 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 15 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 15 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 16.5 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 17.5 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 19 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 24 ”
  • 26 ”
  • 28 ”
  • 30 ”
  • 16 ”
  • 17 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 18 ”
  • 19 ”
  • 20 ”
  • 22 ”
  • 24 ”

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